Regular Tours

We are happy to bring you some unique local tours that will really surprise you. We believe that now is the time to focus our attention on our own. We are rolling out “Discover Saskatchewan Tours”. Who knew we had Castle Butte, Outlaw Caves, “The Dead Sea of Canada”, “A Touch of Europe on the Prairies”, Crooked Forest, Sand Dunes as far as the eye can see?

Manitou Springs Mineral Spa

  • September 24th

Take a break at the Dead Sea of Canada. The mineral spa is full of rich natural minerals that can make you float.

Wheatland Express

  • September 26th

Take a historic trip on the wheatland express! Immerse yourself in a 1950's train ride, enjoy meals at the diner car and visit the Cudworth Heritage Museum.

Kaposvar & Yorkton WDM

  • October 8th

Tour the Kaposvar Historical site, eat at the Chalet Buffet Restaurant and visit the Yorkton Western Development Museum.

Manitou Springs Mineral Spa

  • October 18th

Take a break at the Dead Sea of Canada. The mineral spa is full of rich natural minerals that can make you float.

The Big Muddy

  • September 18th

The Big Muddy badlands are an amazing spectacle of nature’s architecture and conjure up images of outlaws from the “wild west.”

Farm-to-Table Tour

  • September 17th

The ultimate Saskatchewan Farm to Table Tour, stopping at Rebellion Brewery, Over the Hill Orchards & Winery, Frontier Gardens fresh vegetable market, and end the day at the 641 Grill & Motel.

Saskatoon River Cruise

  • TBD

Visit the Berry Barn where Saskatoon berries are farmed. Then take a scenic cruise down the South Saskatchewan River on the Prairie Lily.

Wanuskewin & Forestry Farm

  • TBD

Visit Wanuskewin and the Saskatoon Forestry Farm. Learn about some of the history of the Saskatchewan land and venture the zoo!

Motherwell Homestead

  • TBD

Live a day in the life of a prairie farmer in the 1900s on W.R. Motherwell's historic homestead. We will also take a fascinating historic tour of Wolseley, featuring the inspiring Wolseley Opera House.

Ogema Train

  • TBD

Take a ride on Saskatchewan's first full-sized tourist railway and take a unique scenic view of the land of the living skies.

Sukanen Ship Tour & More

  • TBD

The Sontiainen (also known as the Sukanen Ship) is an interesting cross between Finnish and Saskatchewan history. Originally built by Tom Sukanen (hence the name), it was a madman's dream to sail back to his homeland.